how to scan documents on iphone

To scan a document using I phone you can follow these steps :

  1. Open the notes app : locate the notes app on your I phone and open it . if you can’t find it it on your home screen swipe down and use the spotlight search to find it .
  2. Create a new note : tap on the “new note ” icon to create a new note . if you already have existing note you want to add the scan to , open that note instead .
  3. Access the scanning feature : once you have a new note open , tap the +(plus) button located above the keyboard . third will open a menu with various option .
  4. Select scan document : in the menu ,choose the scan document option . this will active the built – in document scanning features of the notes app .
  5. Position the document : hold your I phone camera above the document you want to scan .make sure the entire document is within the camera’s viewfinder . the app will automatically detect the edges of the document and capture it
  6. Adjust the scan : if needed , you can manually adjust the corners of the document to make sure the scan is accurate . simply drag the corner handles on the screen to adjust the selection .
  7. Capture the scan : when you’re ready , tap the capture button (usually represented  by a white circle or the volume up button) to capture the scan . you can capture multiple pages if necessary bY rapping the capture button for each pages .
  8. Review and save the scan : after capturing the scan , you’ll see a preview of scanned document . you can tap on preview to make further adjustment   if needed . once you re satisfied , tap to “ save ” the scan to your note
  9. Repeat it necessary : if you have more pages  to scan , repeat the process starting from step 5 until you’ve scanned all required documents .
  10. Finish and organize : once you have scanned all the necessary pages , you can finish by tapping “done” in the top –right corner . you can now organize , edit or add more content to the notes as needed .

That’s ,it ! you have successfully scanned a document using I phone’s built –in – scanning feature in the notes app .

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